the ashtray girl (lindsaymastor) wrote,
the ashtray girl

"you're such a beautiful LIE.........."

i'm starting to get my creative flow back. it may be the drugs and lack of sleep but hey, fuck it. it makes me happy that i got it back after not doing all these things that i love to do. reading, drawing, writing. its flowing out of me like crazy. maybe i just have a lot of bullshit built up that needed to come out. who knows.

the past weekend was pretty overwhelming but i got through it. just trying to stay as positve as possible, not letting bitchez ruin this for me.

the sunshine has been doing wonders for my mood. it sucks i will spend the summer at school but i gotta get it done with. i'm down for a long bike ride but i gotta make that paper.

spring in one month
ani in 2 months
21sr bday in 3 months. i gotta lot to look forward to and the time seems to be zipping the fuck by so it'll be here sooner than i think.

life could always be worse.
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