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motherfucking portland.

good things:
-powell book store. largest book store in the world and its an independently owned. i could spend days in there
-the library has a zine section
-the weed is fucking awesome
-its pretty (when it isnt raining)
-bike friendly which would be a lot cooler if i had a fucking bike here.
-smokes are $3.45
-scooter (caLvins little brother) lives a block away
-being able to aford to go to san francisco in july with wes

bad things:
-the "punk" scene so far is shit. pretty punks have taken over
-d.i.y. scene??????????????????????????????????????not so far
-bums everywhere, i've probally given away 2 pks of smokes total. they get me everytime. do i look like i have money to be giving shit away? fuck.
-joshs girlfriend ruining the past 3 weeks of our lives
-being pretty much homeless all of a sudden
-yuppies everywhere. every other girl wheres fake eyelashes. GROSS.
-being homesick
-knowing that shit wouldnt be so fuct up if we were home.
-bronwen and greezus arent with us.
-almost being arrested
-measure 11, if they didnt have that i would have wiped the floor with christas fucking face. i dont like being instigated.
-skank whores everywhere

there are a lot more but im just making myself pissed off.
michigan does not suck so bad and if i knew i could get a job that i enjoy id probally be on my way back as soon as i see the ocean and visit sam.
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