the ashtray girl (lindsaymastor) wrote,
the ashtray girl

bloody fucking lindsay

my period is killing me. im glad that im not working today. that would suck. a lot.

im not sure what today has in store for me yet. i'll figure it out.
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yo yo yo yo yo come hang out with me.
why not?
there is a raging party here right now
yo yo yo ?


i dont know where you live sock!
but isn't bleeding a good thing? work sucks period. period.. ha ha... sorry we couldn't make it over...
yeah, i guess its good for one reason..but it fucking sucks. you'll never understand. hahaha.

work does suck..this is true.

yeah, me too, you guys suck. no, im just kidding. i just miss hanging out with you guys. :( i cant wait for the halloween show (27th) my costume is going to be great.