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goodbyes suck

so today i had to say goodbye to two people that i have become very close to, two people that have become my family and done so much for me. needless to say it was a tear fest when b dropped me back off at my moms. i know i'll see them again but it just sucks the four of can't just stay together forever. the past 3 months we were all eachother had to make it through the shitty winter in frankfort, we formed our own little family. if you guys read this, know i miss you already and i love you and apreciate everyhting you've done<3

and the shitty part is the those are just the firts goodbyes i've had to say so far which makes me even more anxious to just fucking get to oregon. michigan sucks but it is my home and now i know that i do have a lot more here than i thought. i also know that oregon will fucking rock and if i dont leave now, i may be 40 at a blink of an eye regretting not ever being able to do it..... so im leaving. and i'll be back and probally leave again but i know that when im old i will die in michigan knowing that i had an awesome life and that my families and heart are here. theres no place like home, right?

ok, im done being an emo fuck. today has just been a little rough.
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