the ashtray girl (lindsaymastor) wrote,
the ashtray girl

i dont care if you dont deserve this

i am freezing. is it suppose to be this cold?

does anyone ever feel like their head is so cluttered and your thoughts are moving so fast that if it stops you're afraid that your head might explode. i think that all of this "depression" shit i seem to have fallen into would be a mixture of sobriety, too much time standing there at work, not talking to anyone for hours and thinking too hard and too much about fucking everything. i cant stand it. i cant wait till friday, im going to try and sleep in. and im not going to think about YOU and your situation and the fact that ive let you drag me into this mess and now, even wanting out sometimes, i never ever could bc "iloveyou"

i need a haircut, somethings gotta change and that normally makes me feel a bit better.
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